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Truth #2: Why the hell not?

Lately I’ve been told no or it’s never going to happen. Tha last one was I want to go to VidCon in Cali next year but I was told no… My response “Why the hell not?” I mean I’m an adult, if I have my money why can’t I spend on what I want? Ok so maybe I’m not an adult exactly. But really at what age do you become one? It’s not like in six months when I turn 18 all of a sudden I’ll be soooo much more mature and smarter. I’m still going to have my mind in the gutter. And anytime someone says a cheesey line I’m going to laugh. That just me. But really when do you “become an adult”. You can’t say hey once I have a kid I’ll be an adult. I doesn’t happen lik that. What does it take to be an adult I really want to know.

Truth #1: My Fears

theliarsparadox: from my first tumblr

I have a fear of ghost. I don’t like them idea that someone is always around me watching me. I try to believe scientific logic that once you’re dead, you’re gone. But I hear strange noises and my desk cupboards start opening.
I have an irrational fear of water. I don’t want to drown in it. It’s like I don’t trust my body enough. I know how to swim but the thought of it dragging back under in a horrible repeating cycle makes me nervous.
I fear I’m going to hurt myself doing my tumbling. I know I can do it but my mingo keeps showing me breaking my wrist.
I fear rejection. No matter how much I like a guy I just can’t talk to him. In my mind rejection is the most horrible thing ever. But in actuality rejection isn’t that bad. Shot down once just keep trying.

These are my thoughts and fear. I know some of them are dumb but it is what it is.


I run or bike.. But if I can’t do that I read and get my mind off it :)